Giuliani 120 fingering in Pumping Nylon

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Giuliani 120 fingering in Pumping Nylon

Post by renanfcorreia » Sat Jun 22, 2019 2:16 am


I've noticed that Scott Tenant printed his book with lots of different fingerings and notes than Giuliani's original. Is there any possibility that this could be a missprint, or is he simply adapting Giuliani's lesson? A good example of this are arpegios 66-80... Scott uses a 4 thumb pattern...where Giuliani asks for a p-p-i-p....Also, the last note in the C shape is an E in Tenant's book, in Giuliani it goes back to Root C.

I ask this because Tenant's version is of course much more easier to play and if I were to assign a fingering to it myself in a similar score, I would also have gone with p-p-p-p.

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Re: Giuliani 120 fingering in Pumping Nylon

Post by cabbycabbage » Sun Jun 30, 2019 11:36 am

Interesting post. Although not familiar with Scott Tenants fingerings I have found altering some of Giuliani's fingerings to be of benefit for myself. One section that comes to mind straight away is from 66 to 80. In the copy I have (Suvini Zerboni) there is a 66a that details an alternative fingering to use through out that section. ie 66 is "ppip for the bass notes and ma for the melody notes" and 66a is pppp for the bass notes and im for the melody notes" The latter is far more comfortable for me.
I know that Giuliani's 120 is pretty hallowed ground in the CG community and I really enjoy choosing a couple every week to work on etc. I do come more from the Carulli/Carcassi approach to choosing the im fingers wherever possible over the a finger unless it's absolutely necessary.
Oh by the way in my edition the final chord also ends with the e in the treble.


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Re: Giuliani 120 fingering in Pumping Nylon

Post by Luis_Br » Sun Jun 30, 2019 1:48 pm

Tennant is certainly adapting to his view, in a more modern style.

If it is not for a piece of music application, I wouldn't care practicing only the best fingering to develop a pattern, or group reflex. I would rather do the opposite: try the different fingers, the easiers and the more difficult ones, work them to free up your tensions, acquire better hand/wrist/arm positioning, check economy of movements etc. Every time you group blocks of patterns you are working on reflexes memorization, rather than on technique improvement. Use reflex memorization if you will apply and use it in a specific piece of music you are working, avoid pattern and block reflexes if you want to work on technique improvement.

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