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Post by Redserpent » Thu Sep 01, 2005 6:34 pm

Hi Nader,

Example B
Differs from A in that B is more of a Portamento in sound. Whereas the slide, A, has no time value, B has more time value and you sound each note between the D and the G. Very similar to the Glassando. The speed at which you play it is pretty much left up to the player, but should really be played in keeping with the "feel" of the music. Different music scores show this type of ornamentation in different ways. some just have a dotted line with the sting number, and yes, you play the last note with it's proper value. The curved line that you see on the score tells you that all the notes should be played smoothly and that the last note should be sounded.

The C example we have already covered. You play the D then slide up to the G and play that for it's time value.

Example D
This is interesting and good practice for timing. You play the D then count for it's time value, for example, 1, 2 but if you can count evenly for the two counts it's better to count
"1 e and a," "2 e and a". on the last a, you play D again then quickly slide up to the G. Obviously you must keep in time with the rest of the tempo.

One thing that might confuse you in future is that not all scores will show the same notation for the same ornament but something different, it's all part of learning theory. But once you know how to approch reading music, as you are now, it becomes easier the more you do it.

So now you know how to read, the slide, the glissando, the grace notes and now, the portamento. It doesnt' matter on what lines or spaces they appear, they always mean the same thing. It's just a matter of getting used to seeing them and working it out. Practice, practice, practice :)

Hope this helps.


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Post by nader » Fri Sep 02, 2005 5:32 am

Oky Red your explanation is very mush and you give all you can
and I'm so sorry and I feel ashamed after all that to tell you I'm confuse
for that I'll folow the past way that I had
tell me yes or no

in the first as I understand the glissando is to play first note and slide to the last note with plucking it as
you told me - your words :
2. You are to play both notes shown with the right hand
but I saw many player (video) they playing by plucking the
first note and slide to the last not without plucking it like slide example
or your mention is like in the
glissando example in the pic -slide 2.JPG-( as I sign it) - your words :
the last note can be played by the right hand if the notes carry over to another string (do you mean
the last note not on the same string on another string)

for that I'll folow the past way that I had
tell me yes or no

the glissando like slide but the diferent between of them is in time value
the glisssando playing slower than slide and if the last note (in glissando ) on
another string we can pluck it ..tes or no

for the D example
You play the D then count for it's time the count
"1 e and a," "2 e and a". on the last a, you play D again then quickly slide up to the G ( without plucking) ...yes or no

what mean this word portamento.( italian word)

out of the subject - your words :
I love Quantum Machanics and Physics in genaral, don't know much about them
do you ask me about the quantom theory and you would to talk about it ?


Post by Redserpent » Fri Sep 02, 2005 4:39 pm

Hi nader, I'm very sorry that you feel ashamed, but you should not feel that way. You have nothing to be ashamed of, please do not feel that way. Because we both speak different languages it makes it difficult to get across the meaning of words. But you are doing great.

You mention that you see some guitarists who play things different to what I said, yes it happens. music is not a sacred text to be followed exactly, it is fluid and moving to each persons interpretation. So I am not surprised that some will play it differently.

In answer to how you should play the notes I think the best at this moment is as you suggest, you should play it as how you feel most comfortable with. With time and experience you come to a greater understanding of the examples you have given. Do you have a book that teaches you how to read music?

The counting "1 e and a" etc, was only an example for the timing of the small note and not an exact count. But yes, to answer your question.

For portamento, just play a slide, but slightly slower.

I must say at this point, that many guitarists ignore the glissando and portamento and just play a slide instead. This you have seen on video.

I appologise if I have confused you. That was not my intention.

Hope this helps. BTW I'm trying to get the music that you are studying, with no luck yet. Can you help me with this?


I cannot at this time get into a conversation on Quantum Mechanics. But thank you for asking.

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Post by nader » Fri Sep 02, 2005 7:06 pm

Oky Red I send the free sheet music for francisco tarrega
and link for videofor this piece
by the way I'm not working on this piece this just question I was keep it to looking for answear
now I'm workin on the Aranjuez Adagio(rodrigo) but I choose a some part from it for playing
it;s need to playing with orchestra if you want to playing all the score (it's hard piece)
you ask me if I have a book teach me how to read music
my answear No , in my country is very hard to find a book read note music classic guitar
but I got some sheet music ( after long search in manny shop) thats help me when I hear the music and compare with score
and the classic guitar not famouse at us

I have been working on the internet for 3 years ago ( because it's very recent) so I got have many sheet music and trying to learn
from the video, I learn my self so I found very hard
Now I'm little better from past .

Question : is there are a basically book for reading score for techniqe( glissando grace note harmonic ...etc)

just joke : do you think we are uniting the Quantum theory with Relativity theory by playing guitar ( Super string theory)


Post by Redserpent » Sat Sep 03, 2005 10:20 pm

Hi nader, So sorry to hear that you do not have many shops that sell music scores. It must be very difficult for you. No wonder your having problems.

It is very difficult to teach yourself, I know as I am self taught. but I do have access to resorces that help me quite a lot. The internet can provide you with many instructions on how to play ornamentations, you just need to search for them. If you type in a search engine like, "" the word Glissando, it should bring up many pages for you to look at. Then it's just a matter of reading through some of them to find answers.
Question : is there are a basically book for reading score for techniqe( glissando grace note harmonic ...etc)
Funny you should mention that, I was in a music shop today but could find no book on ornamentation. seems there is a gap in the market for such a book, maybe I'll write one, one day :lol:
I was also thinking of putting up some mp3's that demonstrate the different techniques but I'm not sure if it would be allowed. But I think this site could use some teaching methods like that.
there is a place called guitar lessons on this site but they are all in french, I can't read french so I don't know if what we have been discussing is on the lessons.

Thx for sending me the score for the Tarrega music. Looks complecated. If I get time maybe I'll try to learn it.

Thank you for the offer of the Rodrigo score but I already have all of it.

I have an idea for you. If I was to reccomend a book to you would you be able to get a shop to oder it for you? let me know.

Wishing you all the best in your studies


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Post by nader » Sun Sep 04, 2005 6:10 am

Thankyou for your help Red
and for the book it's good from you to help me but now I'm not ready to buy one
so I'll keep on my way by looking in the internet , and I was got a good information about
the technique and some lessones help me for how reading the score
I played some difficult piece like asturias and recurdes alhambra ....
and trying to be better by playing them
by the way I profited from your advices (thankyou)
now I'm looking for put in the forum the information that I had got after searching in the Web
like studies with a picture and make discussion about it

god bless you and mush thank's for your interest

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