READ FIRST! How to advertise upcoming concerts

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READ FIRST! How to advertise upcoming concerts

Post by Jean-François Delcamp » Wed Sep 07, 2005 8:24 pm

Hello everyone,

Here is some information to help you to advertise forthcoming concerts, conventions and master classes.

Advertisements must be titled like this:

2007-05-30 Concert Performer - City (COUNTRY)
YYYY-MM-DD Concert Performer - City (COUNTRY)

Show the dates in the ISO format: YYYY-MM-DD. For festivals and master classes give the date of the first day. Then events will appear in chronological order when sorted.

Only the first letter of proper names should be a capital letter, but for countries please write the name entirely in capital letters.

Concerts on the forum /fr : ... m.php?f=50

Concerts on the forum /it : ... m.php?f=12

Concerts on the forum /en : viewforum.php?f=32

Concerts on the forum /es : ... m.php?f=30

Concerts on the forum /pt :

Thank you,
Jean-François Delcamp
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