2017-07-02 Bayerisches Landeszupforchester & Da Capo Alba - Hammelburg (Germany)

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2017-07-02 Bayerisches Landeszupforchester & Da Capo Alba - Hammelburg (Germany)

Post by George Crocket » Mon Jun 26, 2017 7:57 am

2.00pm Sunday July 2 2017

Google translate from German:

The Bavarian Landeszupforchester (BLZO) is where committed and qualified amateur players, music teachers and former prize winners of the "Jugend musiziert" competition compete. Since 2010, Oliver Kälberer has been directing the BLZO. The orchestra meets three times a year to a multi-day rehearsal and elaborates original works for plucked orchestras and careful adaptations from musical epochs. It is supported by a four-member lecturer team: Ariane Lorch, Anthe Strömsdörfer, Bianca Brand and Jürgen Thiergärtner.

The BLZO will design the concert together with the orchestra Da Capo Alba from Scotland. Since Capo Alba is the orchestra of the LGMA, and currently the largest mandolin / guitar orchestra in Germany. As part of their small tour of Germany in June and July, they will visit the BLZO for a joint workshop with a final concert in Hammelburg.

The concert will include works by Johannes Brahms, Klaus Wüsthoff, Silvan Wagner and Raffaele Calce.

Www.blzo.de / www.mandolinscotland.org/dacap.html

(Text: Anne Feiglbinder)

The event is free of charge.

Time: 2:00 pm

Venue: Great Hall of the Bavarian Music Academy in Hammelburg
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