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Rob Sheffer

Flamenco Position Help

Post by Rob Sheffer » Thu Feb 18, 2016 4:22 am

Hello all,

I usually play with an Ergoplay Troster or (sometimes) a footstool (6 in stool, ~14 in chair). And when I teach I often play with the guitar over the right leg like Paco de Lucia plays. These generally tend to work for me, but I've been curious to try some different positions, which brings me to my topic:

I've been watching Scott Tennant's playing position for a while, but I can never get it to work for myself. I think I've seen Pepe Romero sit that way in a master class, and I have definitely seen Odair Assad in this position. I understand that this position (bout of guitar on right leg, guitar held high) is the "traditional" flamenco sitting position (as opposed to the "modern" flamenco position, which I am told is the name for Paco's posture). As much as I try the "traditional" flamenco style, I can't get it to work comfortably for me and I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. So if any of you play in this way, can you describe how you keep the guitar up?

When I hold the guitar, it seems like a lot of left hand energy is uncomfortably being used to hold up the neck of the guitar, but when I watch players like Scott Tennant play it looks so effortless. Surely some of this is the fact that he's a master at the instrument- but is there something else used to hold the guitar in place? His left hand looks free in a way that mine simply can't mimic when I'm holding the guitar this way. Perhaps some sort of friction pad against the back of the guitar to hold it against the body would help? I appreciate any input or advice.

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Re: Flamenco Position Help

Post by Luvaskot » Thu Feb 18, 2016 10:01 am

Yes playing on that positions kinda harder for left hand, because guitar body keep moving while you are playing. It is for right hand. Do not even try the classical flamenco style it is not ergonomic at all. To get ebst control on this position, try to change the height of your chair. It should not be too high. Then cross your legs and take the guitar. Your legs should make the friction for the guitar to not move so much.

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