Any advice for golfer's elbow suffer - both arms

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Any advice for golfer's elbow suffer - both arms

Post by Simon the Pieman » Fri Feb 16, 2018 8:03 am

Hi - as both a keen right handed squash player and guitarist (several styles and types of guitar, including classical), I have been plagued with what I believe is known as 'golfer's elbow' for many years in my right arm. Intriguingly, this has been joined recently by golfer's elbow's familiar shooting/sharp pains in my left elbow too.

The associated pain rarely bothers me whilst I am playing guitar. It is in doing the multitude of ordinary daily activities we all do that I feel it. Obviously with squash, there is an extra reason why I am getting pain and some inflammation as I hold the racket in my right hand. But with my left elbow, I cant quite work out why this should be. I did go through a period of more intense and technical classical guitar practice over the last two years, maybe that is what has caused the left elbow to complain. Classical necks are wider and fatter than steel string acoustics or electric guitars. Also I applied fairly notable rigour in repeating a long list of technical exercises daily, designed to stretch and strengthen both hands. Maybe i overdid it !!

Wondering if anyone has good physiotherapy exercises, You Tube videos or articles that they can recommend which will help me lessen the pain and perform the correct stretches.

Very grateful in advance for your help.

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