Tenuto Lite any good?

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Tenuto Lite any good?

Post by Conall » Mon Apr 02, 2018 10:28 am

Apologies if the answers to the following appear elsewhere, but:

1. Is the Tenuto Lite guitar support any good? I use 2 types of Ergoplay & both are reasonably good but the suckers eventually come off the guitar. I play at a high angle. I hate footstools. I've used the Gitano but the sucker broke (soft part started to come away from the solid plastic) and I never found it satisfactory from the comfort or angle points of view. My guitars are fine with suckers in that these do not appear to negatively affect the finish & they seem to stick quite well. I've no interest in the Dynarette or A frame or magnet based supports or any expensive support costing over £50-£60. Please only refer to the Tenuto. If the other more expensive Tenutos are much better (more secure & enabling higher angle) I might consider those.

2. Since it appears I can only buy these direct from the Canadian website, has any UK guitarist bought these & if so are we liable for any import duty / taxes / VAT etc? The UK tax website seems to show VAT for anything over £15 & import duty over £135?

Any help appreciated! Thanks

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