Left hand wrist pain/hand and thumb pain

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Re: Left hand wrist pain/hand and thumb pain

Post by kehern » Thu May 28, 2009 9:02 pm

Well, before I (re)started lessons with my new teacher, I had not played seriously for a few months. Because of that, my wrist and hand were pretty calm, they were never under any odd tension or pressure. My technique was also very non existent, because I hadn't played in so long. I was able to adapt in a matter of weeks, after four lessons (1 month) I was playing with the new, and better technique. No pains since. :) Then again, I am 18, so my body probably adapted easier.

That test was last year, I ended up getting a 4 on the exam. (out of a scale of 5) So I got about 3 hours of credit, and exemption from the intro Biology class. This year, I took AP English, AP Music Theory, and AP Calc. It wasn't too fun. :(

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Re: Left hand wrist pain/hand and thumb pain

Post by lagartija » Tue Jul 14, 2009 7:19 pm

Ahh yes.... the resiliency of youth. sigh. :roll: Well I just had my first bout of "over-doing" my practice and the following day my left wrist hurt terribly. You see, I felt compelled to play this new piece of music and played and played and played all July 4th weekend. Way too many hours. Instead of my usual 2 hours/day, I had two three hour practices for each of three days. I've got all of my notes now. :D But obviously, my body was not pleased. At all. :evil: I had felt fatigue but no real pain while I was playing. But the morning after this marathon, it was obvious to me that I overdid it. My wrist hurt without doing anything.
I now see that I am not the only one who has done this. But at 54, I don't recover quite as quickly as our friend, kehern.
I have been doing short careful practices this week after nearly two days of complete rest. At the slightest hint of fatigue, I stop. I really don't want to have an inflammatory response (inflammation; my middle name...) so I am proceeding with caution. This was a piece with a lot of barres and I was looking at the fretboard a fair amount. Probably, I was so intent on the notes that my posture slipped and I was playing with a bent left wrist. I will ask my teacher to watch me closely this week and hopefully he will detect any problems I might have.
My wrist is feeling better and I am enforcing the light practice rule until it is back to normal. 1 week has elapsed.
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Re: Left hand wrist pain/hand and thumb pain

Post by rashephe » Fri Jan 06, 2017 4:49 am

I am really late to this thread, but this helped my stamina immensely. The whole leaning towards the audience corrected the wrist pain. Thank you!

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