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Post by Olarte » Wed Jul 08, 2009 4:32 pm

guitarwoman wrote:Hello all.

This is a most educational thread and I appreciate all the comments.

In Canada, in Toronto, the gitano is not available except by mail order. There is one store in Toronto that carries the dynarette. For all who use the dynarette, does it have a surface that the guitar will slip off of? How bulky is it? Will it fit in a compartment in a soft case?

Currently I am using a footstool, at a low position as I am rather short. I was using a piece of rubber shelf liner on my left leg, and after reading this thread, tried another piece on my right leg. After adjusting, this arrangement has a pretty secure feel.

I do want to go the both feet on the ground route, but I am not really content with the engineering of the supports currently out there.
Guitarwoman, definitely check out the Tenuto support. I bought it to replace the gitano about 6 months ago and LOVE IT!

In fact since it's only purchased in one place in Canada, I'm tempted to get a 2nd one for an expensive guitar I'm saving up for. It's that good.

Sturdy, never slips off. I pretty much forget that it's there.

Here is my review of it viewtopic.php?f=71&t=38860&hilit=+tenuto


Re: Gitano support review

Post by Baroqenstein » Tue Jul 14, 2009 2:15 pm

I used the Gitano for a semester. I had to switch back to the footstool because it fell off during two different recitals!


Re: Gitano support review

Post by Olarte » Tue Jul 14, 2009 2:50 pm

Baroqenstein wrote:I used the Gitano for a semester. I had to switch back to the footstool because it fell off during two different recitals!
Right, try the Tenuto same concept but 200% better, different company, custom made one at a time, never ever falls off, very sturdy, I even forget it's there.


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Post by Eric » Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:25 pm

I used the Ergoplay for a long time but recently switched over to the Gitano. I lowered my chair a little bit and now I find the Gitano works better. I can now feel the guitar vibrate…something I could not feel with the Ergoplay. I do think the Ergoplay is sturdier. I am very intrigued with the new Tenuto support…..


Re: Gitano support review

Post by Olarte » Thu Jul 16, 2009 10:23 pm

Eric wrote:I used the Ergoplay for a long time but recently switched over to the Gitano. I lowered my chair a little bit and now I find the Gitano works better. I can now feel the guitar vibrate…something I could not feel with the Ergoplay. I do think the Ergoplay is sturdier. I am very intrigued with the new Tenuto support…..
I'm\was the user of both the Gitano and The Tenuto think of the Tenuto as a huge upgrade. Never ever falls off, squeaks etc... it's very stable has an adjustable strap and I pretty much forget it's even there. It's just part of the guitar now!


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Post by Bonita » Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:51 pm

Hello all.

I was pleasantly surprised at my recent birthday by my (adult) children who went and got me a Dynarette support cushion. They must have heard me moaning and groaning after getting up from playing with a footstool.

Here are my observations.

The cushion is very well made. It is angled in such a way that the guitar will lean towards the body rather than away. The top and sides are covered in vinyl and the bottom is covered in cloth with a rubber strip that is about one inch wide. The cover comes with a zipper on the bottom.

Playing with two feet on the ground is taking some getting used to, but there is definitely less leg and hip discomfort. I can play for longer. In addition, for lady players who wear skirts, modesty is enhanced.

Unfortunately, there is still a slippage problem. I am experimenting with rubber shelf liners, and have put a piece under the cushion (the rubber strip on it is very clingy but not wide enough) and a a piece on top of it--it is a shame, instead of using vinyl the company could have used some material with more traction.
I have not glued anything to the support--yet. I also continue to use a piece of rubber shelving on my right leg.

This is as good an arrangement as I have come up with. It is pretty stable. It will be ok for now, but I think I will keep searching.


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Post by Jratwen » Sun Jan 03, 2010 1:32 am

Olarte wrote:I made yet another modification... took the shelf liner off as it was still a bit too slippery when my knew was pointing down a bit due to the height of a chair. I then used Friction tape (used on stairs to avoid slipping) and taped it to the felt itself.

The Friction tape works a lot better.. although I suppose it could do a number of delicate clothes, and on the guitar if you fold the Gitano with the tape facing out. I now make it a point to fold the felt\friction tape inside the gitano when putting the guitar away.
Thanks for those ideas Olarte. I am using a Gitano, which kept slipping down the towards my knee due to the my leg sloping down because of the higher bench required for my back problems. I think I did something similar to what you originally tried, using double stick carpet tape and rubberized shelf liner. The standard inch and seven eighths width of the carpet tape matches the strap perfectly. Only had to stick a length of carpet tape to the shelf liner, trim the liner around the tape edge, cut it to length for the gitano strap, pull off the backing and stick it on. Works perfect and scarcely slips a fraction of an inch - still had slippage problems when just laying the shelf liner on my leg. Anyways, feel I am finally all set unless I choose to upgrade to a tenuto or ergoplay for better suction cup reliability or stability. Did not have good luck when I tried the dynarette which felt too squishy and also wanted to slip.

- Jim


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Post by Ameretat » Thu Apr 08, 2010 8:53 pm

oski79 wrote:I really like the Gitano. My issue with it is the suction cups. I can't get them to stay on for more than about 15-20 minutes.
I know this post is very old and maybe you don't even have the gitano support anymore, but maybe someone else who sees my response will find it helpful. When I bought mine about 3 years ago, the store clerk told me to use it only on factory guitars, because the grip would be very poor on luthier guitars. Can't remember exactly why - it had something to do with the finish most luthiers use or something. For luthier guitars, the gitano comes with an adhesive piece of plastic, much like a golpeador, to be applied on the spot where the suction caps would come on. I used this thing successfully and can be removed without leaving any marks on the guitar - as it is not glued on and I don't know how it works, exactly; maybe electrostatic adherence or something :lol:


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Post by Trondis23 » Mon Oct 04, 2010 7:09 am

I just found this old thread, and I found it very useful. I have used the Gitano for many years. Using a footstool gave me back problems.

I used to leave the Gitano attached to my guitar inside the case. I shouldn't have done that since it damaged the finish of the guitar. Later I bought this adhesive piece of plastic that you are talking about. That protects the finish, and also makes it easier to stay on. But now I always take the Gitano off when I put the guitar back in the case. I also have to take it off frequently because I have two guitars - a normal one and an alto guitar. And I usually play both every day. On the 6 string I put the guitar on my left thigh, but on the alto I find it more convenient to use the right thigh.


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Post by gu7in » Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:35 am

Does anyone know, seller in Indonesia or singapore, or in Asia?

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Re: Gitano support review

Post by AndreaCannon » Thu Nov 04, 2010 4:26 am

Another word on the suction cup issue for both the Gitano and the Ergoplay. Keeping them clean helps even more than breathing on them or dampening them. Make sure the guitar is clean (but no polish compounds! Just use a clean cloth, like microfiber.) Then if necessary, wash the suction cups off with warm water and dry them thoroughly.

That usually does the trick for another 10,000 miles. Replacement suction cups are available for both the ergoplay and the gitano for when they really loose too much firmness and just won't stay on anymore.

I have used the gitano, ergoplay, dynarette cushion and the neck-up support. The ergoplay is the most stable, I agree with everyone on that. Next, I prefer the neck-up. It is much more secure on the leg than the gitano with it's small ribbon-like strip of cloth. The dynarette is OK, but the guitar does shift around on it. I would say both the gitano and dynarette are better for convenience in practicing than for performance.

I was teaching a master class once and a student said to me "my teacher and I both like the ergoplay because if the suction cups are loose, it still stays on your leg." And so it is true, the design seems to prevent the kinds of problems you have when a gitano or ergoplay pops loose.

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