Traveler Ultra Light Nylon guitar

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Follow Up

Post by CarlWestman » Tue Feb 24, 2015 10:35 pm

Reviving this thread - couple questions.

With respect to those straps/sashes that you sometimes see attached to an endpin and the guitarist sits on it (which I referenced earlier with the theorbo, but they're not just for that instrument), where can you buy such a thing? Or are they essentially home-made?

Also, on amaz*n dot com, there was a recent positive review of the Traveler Ultra Light Nylon in which the reviewer said, "By reversing the lap bar and hooking my strap to the end of it, I was able to get the guitar neck positioned the same as my classical guitar."

I wonder what they meant by that? Any ideas? I wonder if they might be holding the RH end over the right leg, like Aguado:

But it still doesn't quite make sense, though, if you compare the curve of the leg rest on the Traveler Ultra Light with the guitar shape Aguado has there.

A little DIY photo editing (attached) shows what the Ultra Light might look like with a reversed lap bar:

I'm still puzzled. I'd love to know how to use such a portable, well-scaled, yet oddly-shaped guitar in classical position.
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Scott Phillips
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Re: Traveler Ultra Light Nylon guitar

Post by Scott Phillips » Mon Nov 20, 2017 11:50 pm

The luthier, Roscoe Wright, makes the Soloettes. He has done work for me in the past, and is a great guy and makes a quality product in the Soloette. I haven’t tried any travel guitar that equals it. And yes, they are kind of expensive. But, they are worth it. He really got it right with that one.

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