CG Related Injuries - How long to resolve?

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Re: CG Related Injuries - How long to resolve?

Post by Rick Beauregard » Sun Aug 16, 2015 9:03 pm

Back issues are common, often causing some to retire from playing and practicing so intensely, e.g. Christopher Parkening.

Currently I am experiencing back pain in the right middle and lower back, and neck and shoulder pain of my left side. My doctors told me to stop playing guitar for a while, obviously not a good answer. I use a guitar support. But I think it has to do with turning my head to watch my fingers, and of course hours of sitting in this position every day.

Late one night I was flipping channels and on PBS saw an infomercial on Dr. Mitchell Yass, a physical therapist. His premise is that 90% of pain issues are mis-diagnosed as structural, and lead to unnecessary surgery (disk, neck, knee, hip) or prescriptions of muscle relaxants or other drugs, both of which are often ineffective, or worse, because they don't deal with the issue. That being: strained or unbalanced muscle function. His remedy to completely resolve most pain issues is resistance strength training targeted to specific muscle groups responsible for your symptoms. His book gives self-diagnosis techniques, including when to conclude it IS structural and when to seek surgical advice. It also provides targeted exercises using weights or resistance bands.

I've just started this program (day 2) but I am beginning to feel better already. This method seems logical and the exercises are simple. No gym required. I'll keep you posted.
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