seeking beginner (sort of) resources for a specific purpose

Ergonomics and Posture for Classical Guitarists, Aches and Pains, Injuries, etc...

seeking beginner (sort of) resources for a specific purpose

Post by JakeAcci » Mon Jan 27, 2014 3:34 am

Hi everybody, I feel a little background for my question will lead to more productive responses.

I am a guitarist but not a classically trained guitarist. I play other styles (mostly jazz) and have had a very consistent private teaching practice for the past ten years or so.

I have several classical guitar method books: solo guitar playing book 1 and 2 by Frederick Noad, and Pumping Nylon. I have a few other random books of classical guitar music.

I also have had on and off problems with extreme pain in my shoulders, arms, and hands for about eight years, for which I've received various treatments.

In the process of managing my symptoms I completely revamped my technique (I used to play in the standard 'rock n roll' way) and now try to play most things with what I would call 'classical guitar position' for the hands and the body, with some modifications. My technique is a combination of what I learned from the books mentioned, doctors and physical therapists I have seen, some things I have learned from lurking this forum, as well as some help from guitarists I have studied with (not classical guitar teachers, though.) I also have been studying Alexander Technique for about five months (still trying to get out of that chair!) and am trying to apply those principles to the guitar.

That introduction out of the way, I am interested in material for 'guitar technique' mainly for the purposes of being able to better instruct my students on how to approach their instrument with efficiency, safety, and a minimum of bodily tension. These are topics I already cover in my lessons, relaying what I have learned from my experiences, but I feel a more in depth look would A. help me instruct them better and B. probably help my in my own playing, both in relieving excess tension and maybe even improving my abilities on the instrument.

Jamie Andreas's "Guitar Principles" material looks very good and extremely thorough, the Aaron Shearer method books were also recommended to me, as well as William Kanengiser video material. Which would you recommend?

Any recommendations for the best resources for this specific purpose would be very interested. Any advice or thoughts about the project would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Marty Casey

Re: seeking beginner (sort of) resources for a specific purp

Post by Marty Casey » Thu Jan 30, 2014 5:23 pm

Hi Jake,

I too am new to classical style I have also only been playing for less than two years and I was more interested in singing and strumming to start in local bluegrass jams. However. over the years I have tried many teacher off and on with no tangible results. It wasn't from lack of effort.

I found and started to apply guitar principles which is very good, extremely details and more importantly worked for me. I level of detail may be too much and obvious to a lot of players but I get in my own way so much that nothing is obvious so the details, the how and WHY;s really helped me . I can confidently say I can play guitar now. I am not great but I have fun and that is what counts.

I am now working my way through the Shearer book along with lessons from Jamie once in a while. I find her online lessons very useful and her style has worked for me.
The materials are not mutually exclusive. Jamie is about doing things slow, slower and even slower to a point of boredom but at some slow speed what ever that is for you the notes are correct and you have enough time between the notes to make the next movement without error. Once that is accomplished move the metronome up until things break down. Repeat and soon enough the speed and confidence both get better.

I am not to far in Shearer book but so far it I am working well with it. The pace is about right for my beginner skill set. I am mostly working on righthand technique as my left is in pretty good shape.

Hope this helps but feel free to ask more specific questions if you like.



Re: seeking beginner (sort of) resources for a specific purp

Post by JakeAcci » Fri Jan 31, 2014 7:32 pm

Marty, thanks so much, I appreciate your take on the materials.

Marty Casey

Re: seeking beginner (sort of) resources for a specific purp

Post by Marty Casey » Sun Feb 02, 2014 3:29 am

Your welcome,

I hope it helps, If you want additional info feel free to ask. I am new to classical specifically but have spent enough time working with materials in the past to know what works for me. I will take the time to get a good base and then join the online lessons here that will get some quality feedback from the other students and moderators.

I live in the middle of nowhere so there is no one to get together with here. Online is my primary tool.

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