Frozen shoulder – a cautionary tale

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Re: Frozen shoulder – a cautionary tale

Post by henders » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:10 am

“Perhaps it was just the time for it to move.”

I was told by both the orthopedic surgeon and PT that I saw for this that time is the only real cure for frozen shoulder (adhesive encapsulites) and I think it’s true. March 2014 was onset for me and only over this past summer did I really feel relatively back to normal, although I don’t think I have the full range of movement that I had prior.

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Re: Frozen shoulder – a cautionary tale

Post by eschutz » Thu Mar 22, 2018 9:58 pm

I just finished a bout with frozen left shoulder. I'd had a problem with the right shoulder years ago, rotator cuff tendonitis, resolved with shots, physical therapy and time. For the frozen left shoulder, my orthopod' told me it would heal on its own time but to go ahead with the PT, which was actually pain & torture, with the flexing, stretching and general working over they did on me! The PT people advised me to exercise and stretch at home in between sessions also, which I seldom did and which seemed to increase rather than help the pain, although it did improve my range of motion. I now believe that about the only thing one may do for a true frozen shoulder is, just about nothing - just let it heal on its own and avoid painful positions and movements.

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