Pain in right arm/wrist/palm

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Re: Pain in right arm/wrist/palm

Post by LindaRKV » Wed Jun 03, 2015 2:13 am

DuanePitre wrote:Hey Mark (or anyone who cares to comment!),

You mentioned uploading photos and video. Below are some photos of my right-hand position as well as two video links (one of rest strokes and one of a simple arpeggio and some free strokes). If you or anyone else can comment and let me know if either my hand position is bad, or how I'm using my large/top and middle knuckles are improper (too much middle, not enough upper, etc) I'd greatly appreciate it.


Duane, your problem is definitely your hand position. Google a photo of Andre Segovia and look at his hand position on the guitar. Your hand is in a straight line with your forearm. It should be at an angle to your forearm and perpendicular to the body (the width) of the guitar. Your fingers should be back and your thumb ahead. Difficult to explain. Get a photo of Segovia and compare your hand position in a mirror.


Re: Pain in right arm/wrist/palm

Post by DuanePitre » Fri Jun 05, 2015 7:43 pm

Marshall Dixon wrote:Do you have problems at the computer? You hinted at this and I have terrible problems with numbness and cramps when I use one. "Pain Free at Your PC," by Pete Egoscue might be availble in your local library. He deals with the chronic pain issues around that subject.

Thanks Marshall, I'm certainly gonna to look at this at the university (where I work) library...cheers!


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