Vanishing thumbnail images

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Vanishing thumbnail images

Post by GeoffB » Mon May 14, 2018 7:04 pm

Some members may have noticed that certain images in their posts are now visible as a link only, rather than as a thumbnail (or reduced) image as previously, and are not displayed as an image until the potential viewer clicks on the link.

This has recently started happening because the total number of images on the forum has now exceeded the capacity of some of the programs Mr. Delcamp uses to maintain the forum and perform backups. As an urgent interim measure, he has had to turn off the creation of thumbnail images (which add to the total number of image files), and is currently considering further measures to reduce the existing total, which will be announced once he has reached a conclusion.

For now, images which exceed the maximum size and dimension parameters listed here will no longer be displayed as a thumbnail. If you wish to have them display in the post as an image rather than a link, it will be necessary to replace the attachments with resized versions within the parameters stated in the above link.
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