Advice on Contreras guitar required

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Advice on Contreras guitar required

Post by gav777 » Sat Oct 27, 2018 4:51 pm


I have the opportunity to purchase a 1990 Contreras F5 Flamenco Guitar Solid Spruce Top/ Cedar back and sides. The label inside isn't signed but doesn't give any further indication who it was built by i.e from the workshop or elsewhere.

Reads: M.G CONTRERAS. CALLE MAYOR 80. MADRID - 1990 - with F5 in pen on the label. Nothing else

I don't have photo's yet, although searching on the forums here, found that contacting Contrerars Jr is probably the best option to find out more. I will endeavor to obtain and post.

From your experience, what would the value for this item be and what should I check for - it's selling at £1500 and from what I can see (and my limited knowledge) is in v.good condition. A 'dint' at the end in the base which I'm ensured is only in the lacquer from the owner, who has had it for 20years.

Plays fast and responsive although treble's I felt were quite light and not as expressive as I would like (a string change may help?).

However I'm used to a v.high action Yamaha Classical guitar from the 80's and my style of playing must be adapted to that, as it's my only guitar owned since childhood.

Any advice much appreciated.


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Re: Advice on Contreras guitar required

Post by bogdan » Sun Nov 11, 2018 12:51 am

Unfortunately, Manuel Contreras Jr (or Contreras II) has passed away in 2011.
But indeed it would be a good idea to contact the Contreras Workshop.

I think this is most likely a student level Flamenco guitar. FWIW, it may be a good instrument.
It is hard to find information about Contreras Flamenco student guitar models.
Instead you may look up prices for the C5 model, which should probably be its classical equivalent.


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