Paganini, Niccolò - Sonata E Minor - Video

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Paganini, Niccolò - Sonata E Minor - Video

Post by Desperado » Sat Jun 08, 2019 1:59 pm

sonata in e . Could be no.3 op.6?

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Re: Paganini, N - Sonata E Minor

Post by Ceciltguitar » Sat Jun 08, 2019 7:23 pm

Opus 3 no. 6. Fun tune, Thank you for sharing it!

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Re: Paganini, Niccolò - Sonata E Minor - Video

Post by richtm » Fri Jun 21, 2019 4:58 am

Hi Desperado,
as allways - beautiful performance. :merci: I in particular like the remote way you are getting the content over. :bravo: Which transcription is this? Barruecos?
Regards from Hamburg
:casque: :bye:
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Re: Paganini, Niccolò - Sonata E Minor - Video

Post by Smith » Sat Jun 22, 2019 1:12 am

Thx for posting this terrific Paganini sonata. I had not heard it before, yet knowing the author I was braced for some razzle dazzle and your performance did not disappoint. Definitely one for the “They sure don’t write them like that anymore” category. Super enjoyable to watch after work on a Friday.

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