Lesson : Sor, Fernando - Allegretto n°2 opus 44 - D02

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Jean-François Delcamp
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Lesson : Sor, Fernando - Allegretto n°2 opus 44 - D02

Post by Jean-François Delcamp » Tue Jul 26, 2005 10:51 am

Hello everyone,
Let's study the Allegretto n°2 opus 44 of Fernando Sor together.

Often a piece of music is a virtual journey. The composer shows us a landscape starting "somewhere", then takes us "elsewhere", wherever he wants. If the author is attentive, he brings us back to the starting point before the end.

Analysis: This is known as a "Lied" or "A B A" form, the principal key is C Major. In measure 23, you will notice an F# which indicates a temporary "trip" to the key of G major.

Harmonically speaking "somewhere" starts in phrase A. Here we are in the very well known territory of C major. Sor then takes us "elsewhere " to G major (a close neighbour of C major). This is phrase B. Sor is very traditional, so shortly afterwards he brings us back to phrase A - the well known old C major - to conclude.

The piece is short because C major is rather old and cannot stay awake for a long time. The poor thing gets tired..... :wink:

Phrase A begins in measure 1 and ends in measure 16 with a perfect cadenza in C major. This phrase is divided into 2 equal parts of 8 measures each. The first half ends in a semi-cadenza in measure 8.

Phrase B starts in measure 17 and finishes at measure 24 with a perfect cadenza in G major (dominant of C major). Measure 24 contains a small succession of 3 notes on the 6th string G, A, B which brings us back to phrase A.

Repeat of the A phrase: measures 25 to 40

In order for my playing to be in phase with the plan of work I will use different sound colorations for the phrases A and B.
phrase A - closer to the rosette or the bridge
phrase B - on the fingerboard
phrase A - closer to the rosette or the bridge

Phrase A in detail :
- Phrase A consists of repeated motifs, like the arpeggio in C major in measures 1 and 2. This repetition lends itself admirably to the use of an echo effect (forte (loudly) the first time, piano (softly) the second time).

- In measures 5 and 6, you see an inverted dominant 7th chord followed by a tonic chord. By amplifying the volume of the dominant 7th, tension is created, and by playing the tonic softly just afterwards, there is a feeling of relaxation.

- In measures 7 and 8 we have a half cadenza, i.e. a rest on the dominant. It is often said that a full cadenza corresponds to a full-stop and a half cadenza to the comma. To imitate a comma, take a musical breath: either stop or slow down.

- Measures 9 to 14 are a repetition of measures 1 to 6

- Measures 15 and 16 are a perfect cadenza: V - I. That's the end of phrase A.

Phrase B in detail :
- Measures 17-18 are repeated in 19-20. I will reuse the echo effect, but inverted: from piano to forte this time.

- The measures 21-24 are a perfect cadenza in G major V - I

Listen to the mp3,of complete work Sor's Allegretto
Load the sheet music as PDF-file.
I hope to have given you the desire to play this work by Fernando Sor.

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:( + ♫ = :)

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Re: Lesson : Sor, Fernando - Allegretto n°2 opus 44 - D02

Post by Linda » Fri Feb 18, 2011 7:05 pm

Thank you very much.



Re: Lesson : Sor, Fernando - Allegretto n°2 opus 44 - D02

Post by Paulb7664 » Fri Mar 11, 2011 3:14 pm

Thanks for all you work on this tune, it's made it very easy for me to learn.



Re: Lesson : Sor, Fernando - Allegretto n°2 opus 44 - D02

Post by johninmass » Thu Aug 25, 2011 5:34 pm

Thank you, this makes learning easier to understand.


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Re: Lesson : Sor, Fernando - Allegretto n°2 opus 44 - D02

Post by ceddia » Tue Feb 28, 2012 4:26 pm

Thank you for the music and explanations. The remarks makes it very helpful to interpret and understand the music as well as the recording.

Thank you for this good site.


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